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I'm Nicole Gabriel

I've had a very unique and interesting life. I haven't followed the same path as most. I rose very quickly in my career. I found myself in executive management by the time I was just 26 years old and well into a 6-figure income. Yet, I was unfulfilled. I retired from my career in my late 20's and went to find myself after many life-changing events. As I have journeyed through life I have written books where I have plateaued. The first began with identifying my truth, the second I learned better to step into my becoming, the third began a love letter to the caregiver of my canine companions as I believed I my life was ending (there's another book to come describing more of this challenging time in my life), and the fourth was a book to help others tell their story as I guided them through the publishing process...


Finding Your Truth

Discovering peace when everything changes. An extraordinary journey of love, loss, and self discovery.

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Stepping Into Your Becoming

Leadership principles for embracing change and achieving self-mastery. Awaken. Transform. Realize.

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Healing Your Dog Naturally

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Let's Get Your Book Published

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My Story

First, let me say, I'm not good at not being truthful. So, I'm not going to paint you a picture of myself as some kind of guru. I have maneuvered through many challenges in my life, but it's faith and my daily conversations with God that keeps me going. I don't fit the norms. I don't serve an obvious benefit to many…because today we all seem to need an obvious benefit in our relations to keep anyone hanging around. Most are looking for surface-level patches in life and business. That really doesn't work well for me. I like to live deeply and authentically. I'm misunderstood because I don't fit into boxes. I don't try to, I just don't.

But, I am very well aware that the shaman or seer needed to be removed from the chaos and stand alone to be able to see more clearly the ebbs and flow of the community they were guiding.

"We are on earth for now, but our earthly lives are nothing but a vapor in comparison to eternity (James 4:14)"

I’ve spent the entirety of my life being misunderstood. It's not enough today to have good intentions, but one must learn how to conform unnaturally or massively stand out to draw attention in a very loud world. It's always been my hope that I be recognized as a reminder of how we were meant to live... in kindness and with compassion for all sentient beings. I shouldn’t have to put on a show for that which is meant for me to be drawn to me naturally. Yet, in a very asleep world it does take a bit longer for the human resonance to respond. We have a lot of distraction these days. I sit quietly awaiting my moment to make my greatest impact. I feel it in my bones that I am here to be a part of the great shift. Do you feel it coming too?

The yoga name I was gifted many years ago is Nirankaar Kaur and it means “one who sees God in all and does so with grace”. I think if this name were ever to change it would probably be something more in alignment to truth and the preservation of it. In my yoga this is often stated as “sat nam”. The translation of this is what I live to uphold. It basically means “truth identified” or truth is in the name. Adding “nam” draws truth to you and you live within it. It would mean that “I’m truth” or “truth is my essence”. In short, individual truth and universal truth become one in the same. This thinking is very congruent with my gifted name. What is not meant for me will leave me.

There are still many books in my head that are unwritten. It's my goal to continuing writing where life pauses for a moment to allow me the opportunity to do so. I have used my books to share the unique experiential life I have had with the hope that it inspires others trying to live a better life and overcome obstacles. It’s not always easy for me to put my experiences into words. I keep writing and I keep trying. I’m a work in progress. My experiences thus far are far deeper than I’ve ever been able to capture in the books I’ve written. I strive for the “great awakening” where one day it will burst out of me onto the pages. It’s coming. This I know.

I aim to provide inspiration through my unique life experiences and viewpoints, but I also hope that as I learn to navigate more seamlessly I can guide you through your life path with a few less kinks along the way than perhaps I've experienced. I do tend to share my experience in a vulnerable way. I feel it connects deeper to the heart. Its' my truth. It doesn’t always come across in ways I wish it would. It oftentimes comes across like I am immature in my thinking, but I assure you I am taping into a much grander energy than most know.

I took it upon myself to try to bring a functional title around my abilities and began to study transpersonal psychology many years ago, but I found that it limited me to what was in text books and could be explained by known theories rather than what I believed it would teach me. I entered the program with the idea that it would better assist me in giving what I know some credibility and help me better define myself to create a resonance with the general public. But, I had to remove myself from the program because it just limited me far too much. However, I did attain a certificate in transpersonal psychology before I left.

I learned about human potential and studied the different states of consciousness. In Abraham Maslow’s words:

The role of transpersonal psychology is to explore the "farther reaches of human nature.”

I'm genuinely interested in what drives a person to want more, become more, and be more. I'm an active yogi in the kundalini yoga tradition and by it's nature it inspires one to live in truth. I'm also a trained Shaman of many years. I traveled all over Central and South America for many years in an effort to further understand self and how I fit into the world.

Before all this, I began my career in the advertising business and worked for all the big houses (McCann Erickson, J. Walter Thompson, and Young & Rublicam) working on million-dollar campaigns in brand management in the auto industry. Eventually I would take a client-sided executive position with all the "big 3" — General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. I worked on both print and web initiatives. I also worked on many call center back end technology platforms for many organizations, such as Onstar. My strengths are my detailed nature on both techie and creative projects. I love to be a part of the inner workings of the back end and finding unique ways to represent the brand or front end customer experience.

I am the author of multiple books, a copyright holder — Copyright ©2018 (TX 8-671-681), and the author of an online book publishing training program that uses the Let's Get Your Book Published book as a platform for the training. I've had a goal since I built out the back end of my online training program to help other authors bring their book to life using the same process. It took me many, many years to learn the best practices and I'd like to streamline that for my clients that are looking to get out from beyond the book and build an online community, an online training program, a marketing campaign, an email list, etc.

My unique background had led me through corporate positions, into entrepreneurial pursuits, into the jungles, deserts, and mountain tops of many spiritual and sacred places on our planet in the pursuit of finding self. I've studied shamanism, yoga, psychology and a variety of different healing modalities. I've worked as a healer, teacher, coach, guide, intuitive, and executive leader. I opened myself fully to allowing whatever it was that came next wholeheartedly. Today I am living my dream doing what I do - I love book publishing! However, I do know it doesn’t allow me to expand into other areas that are also in alignment with my truth. I’m always working to fuse all my skill sets and knowledge into what I offer to others in service.

Today I call myself a truther. Back when I began my quest for self, I had no idea what that even meant, but today I know what that means. I look at things through my own unique lens and work to break down the obstacles... whether they be in self, business, or another dimension.

I'm still working through how to best offer my services - how to package my offerings - so please let me know if you feel a resonance, but your not sure how to engage. You’d be surprised how flexible my skill-set is. Ultimately, when we give our Self to God our true self comes through and into every situation just as quickly as we either remove the obstacles or when we partner with the offer.

If you've come my way we'll work together to figure out why and how we can partner!

Many Blessings!



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